Receiving Your Results

Due to the Minister’s announcement on Monday 17 August 2020, some material in this section will change. We will work to update as soon as possible.

What will I receive on results day?

On results day you will receive a Provisional Statement of Results detailing the subjects you have studied, and the results awarded for each. As a results of the revised methods of calculating grades in summer 2020, no unit level marks are available in summer 2020.

Can I have my results over the telephone?

Unfortunately, we cannot give your results over the telephone because we have no proof of your identity. Your Examinations Officer who will be able to provide you with your results.

Can I get my results online?

AS and A2 candidates can access their results via the CCEA website.  However, this service is only available if your centre has registered for this online results service and you have your unique username and PIN number.

If you misplace your PIN number you should contact your Examinations Officer or another designated member of staff in your centre who has login authorisation for the centralised log-in system. They will have the facility to generate a replacement PIN for you.  Due to the need for confidentiality, CCEA cannot provide this information to you over the telephone even as part of the helpline service.