Guidance delivering Progress File for training organisations

Widening Horizons for Occupational Training is designed to be delivered in whatever format works best for your learners and your organisation.

In delivering Progress File we would encourage blending it into your general training programmes. The new materials are made up of three units to complement the content of widely taken Employability and Personal Development qualifications. The opportunities for blended learning are clear throughout the materials and some of the evidence gathered for Progress File can be shared across qualifications taken as part of a training programme.

Delivering Progress File case studies

A number of Training Organisations have already successfully blended Progress File into their training programmes. In the case studies below, South West College and Wade Training explain how they went about preparing schemes of work for this process, implementing these, the challenges they faced as well as the benefits gained for the organisation and the learners.

Sample Scheme of Work

We have produced a sample scheme of work indicating one example of how Progress File could be delivered.

The scheme covers 40 weeks and suggests how delivering the three units of Widening Horizons for Occupational Training might be approached. We would encourage you to look at this scheme of work and use this as a basis for developing your own. This is discussed during each training support session.

If you have any queries regarding the delivery of Progress File or would like to suggest different approaches to delivering Progress File from your experience, please email: