Summer 2021 Adaptations for Entry Level & Occupational Studies Qualifications

Published: 20/11/2020, 10:30am

The Department of Education has approved a range of alternative adaptations, proposed by CCEA, for Entry Level and Occupational Studies Qualifications in Summer 2021.

The changes will reduce the number of examinations students are required to take and help to lessen the assessment burden.

Details of the adaptations for each qualification are noted below. Further information is also available on the subject pages.

We analysed the findings of the consultation and submitted our recommendations to the Department of Education and CCEA has now received notification our recommendations have been accepted in full. This means that where applicable, a range of adaptations will be applied to address concerns about public health

Students will be expected to complete the full qualification, and centres should submit marks/levels for each unit contributing to the overall qualification; however, CCEA will accept a reduction in the number of units to be submitted by students for moderation, up to a maximum of 50% of the qualification.

Following the Minister of Education’s communication, we have been working to finalise our support package to centres. This includes:

  • A summary document which covers assessment arrangements for Entry Level and Occupational Studies Qualifications in Summer 2021.
  • Subject-specific addendums which sit alongside each individual specification.
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