Textplorations: Aims and Objectives

The aim of this project is to provide a lively and innovative way of linking an area of the subject which students sometimes find daunting – poetry – with an area which they find interesting and motivating – study of the moving image. The activities are designed to engage students as active readers of both print based poetry and moving image texts and provide opportunities for them to edit from given materials.


To develop pupils’:

  • understanding of imagery in poetry and film and the critical vocabulary associated with each form;
  • initiative in devising film scripts, broadening their awareness of the range of styles and techniques which can be deployed;
  • technical skills in the area of filming and post-production editing.

The resource provides teachers with 6 projects. In conception it draws on work developed in Devon schools during a five year project called poem:image:film . Learning and Teaching suggestions are accompanied by student resources and a website of poetry, images and moving image files providing source material for pupils to edit themselves.

Although it will be possible to teach all of the units, the expectation is that teachers will use the materials flexibly; dipping into those areas which most clearly fit the needs of their planned schemes of work.