Content Overview

Links to Northern Ireland Curriculum

This resource helps meet the aims and objectives of the Northern Ireland Curriculum by:

  • Developing Pupils’ Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

Pupils should have opportunities to become critical, creative and effective communicators by:

  • expressing meaning, feelings and viewpoints;
  • interpreting visual stimuli including the moving image;
  • analysing critically their own and others’ texts;
  • using a range of techniques, forms and media to convey information creatively and appropriately.
  • Developing Pupils’ Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities

Managing Information:

  • Adapt information

Thinking, problem solving, decision making:

  • Analyse multiple perspectives
  • Make decisions

Being creative:

  • Exploration
  • Make connections between new ideas

Working with others:

  • Be willing and able to reach an agreement through compromise
  • Learning with and from others

Self Management:

  • Review and improve
  • Prioritise the most important things to do
  • Addressing the Following Key Elements
    • Mutual Understanding
    • Personal Understanding
    • Cultural Understanding
    • Media Awareness
    • Moral Character
    • Personal Health
    • Spiritual Awareness
    • Employability

Providing opportunities for the development and assessment of communication skills

The opportunities for development of communication skills included in each section outlines how the suggested pupil activities can be used in developing and assessing the cross-curricular skill of communication.

Each activity will have a special assessment focus on either talking and listening, reading and writing, as well as containing elements of all three.

The requirements referred to are taken from the draft Levels of Progression in Communication.