Stem Works

STEM Works!

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In 2008, reports from MATRIX: The Northern Ireland Science Industry Panel highlighted the importance of innovation, research and development in Northern Ireland's STEM industries. A year later in 2009, DE and DEL published the STEM Review and a draft STEM Strategy. Both of these emphasised a need for more links between industry and education.

When considered together, the reports indicate that we need to ensure that Northern Ireland's young people have the skills, knowledge and understanding in STEM-related subjects in order to take advantage of job opportunities in these fields and contribute to the country's economy.

In response, we have produced this STEM site, which is targeted at Key Stage 3 pupils and teachers. It provides a range of enquiry-based learning activities that teachers can use to:

  • stimulate innovative learning and teaching opportunities;
  • encourage pupils to make learning connections across subjects; and
  • enable pupils to better understand how STEM subjects relate to the world of work.

We hope you find this resources informative, innovative and exciting.

Professionals Testimonials

Some testimonials of professionals who have visited the STEMWorks site:

I have visited the site STEMWorks and believe that this site will stimulate young would-be scientists to pursue their scientific inquisitiveness further and in more detail. I found the site presentations to be easy to understand, intellectually motivating and excellent in that they give real-life examples of scientists, technologists and engineers doing their every-day (and night) job. The site highlights the aspects of fundamental research as well as the engineering research and development which are a pre-requisite for this fundamental research.

- Steve Myers, CERN Director of Accelerators and Technology

This new STEM site is a wonderful resource for teachers, pupils and parents. It gives a valuable insight into a range of teaching strategies which can be used to effectively deliver a coordinated approach to STEM and connected learning. The site is packed full of useful information and is easy to access.

- David Stinson, Head of Design and Technology at Sullivan Upper School

The STEM Works website is an extremely valuable resource for pupils and teachers but it also provides a way for industry to participate in learning. It is a fun, easy to navigate website with lots of interesting case studies and activities.

- Julie Templeton, Chartered Engineer with Atkins

Engaging, easily navigated site based on the actual experiences of teachers. Ideas and clear practical advice given for the development of STEM collaborative units backed with a wide range of appropriate and relevant links.

- Liz Beech, Senior Teacher/Curriculum Bangor Academy

This is a visually captivating and inspiring resource, for teachers and pupils alike. It is easy to navigate, with substantive material in each area. Excellent graphics, with clear and quick access available. The video clips provide concrete examples of what can be achieved in the classroom. Super!

- Avril Coyle, Model Primary School

Areas of Learning

Technology and Design
Mathematics and Numeracy
Learning for Life and Work
The World Around Us