Reciprocal Reading in Practice

Reciprocal Reading


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You can use any high interest text, provided it is pitched at instructional level. This could include guided reading books, cross-curricular books or other reading material. You can also buy bespoke reciprocal reading books, as Donaghadee Primary School has, although this is not essential. Short stories or short non-fiction texts are best because of the interactive nature of lessons, which typically last about 20–30 minutes.

You can use reading bookmarks (as shown in Video: Getting Started, Donaghadee Primary School) as prompts to help the children develop the required reading strategies. Alternatively, you could develop lanyards for the children to use (as shown in Video: Role of the Boss (Pupil) in Primary 6, St Teresa’s Primary School). St Teresa’s has also designed its own reciprocal reading characters (see here) using the Chatterpix app. Donaghadee Primary School has researched and bought puppets to use in their Foundation Stage, see Video: Getting Started, (Donaghadee Primary School).