Reciprocal Reading in Practice

Reciprocal Reading


Your school may decide the best way to prepare to implement reciprocal reading. However, if you want to try it in your own class, you should:

  • explain to the children why you are doing reciprocal reading;
  • show them some books or texts that link with your topics or high interest guided reading books;
  • introduce, explain and model the four strategies: prediction; clarification; questioning; and summarising through whole-class activities, teaching these one at a time so the children understand what they mean;
  • give the children opportunities to practise the strategies in small groups or with a buddy over a planned period; and
  • download or make appropriate resources such as prompt cards or bookmarks to help the children with the four strategies.

Watch Video: Getting Started (Donaghadee Primary School) and Video: Getting Started (St Teresa’s Primary School) for more information on getting started.