The World Around Us - Progression Grids

Planning the Curriculum for The World Around Us

Science and Technology: Progression Guidance

Section 6: Progression in Understanding

The aim of the strands that make up The World Around Us is to enable schools to choose their own topics and build upon these throughout pupils’ schooling to gradually progress their understanding. This section provides suggested building blocks for schools to help with their planning.

The statements that follow are neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. They will apply across a wide range of topics, which schools are free to choose for themselves as they are best placed to determine what motivates and interests their pupils. This flexibility also encourages a real commitment to adopting an enquiry approach – to doing Science and Technology – by infusing the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities into planning learner experiences.

Note: The table that follows focuses on each of the four strands in turn. We have included references to the Northern Ireland Curriculum statutory requirements for The World Around Us (listed in the appendix to this document); these highlight the interrelated nature of the strands, as well as illustrating how these requirements might be addressed. Links to Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU) are also identified where applicable.

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