Creative Writing - Vocabulary and language activities

Creative Writing

Better words


Clichés are phrases that were once fresh and original, but have become tired through over use.

Classroom Activity

Ask your pupils to form pairs to rewrite as many of the clichés below in as interesting a way as they can. Tell them that their classmates will be scoring their efforts for encouragement!

A very good activity

Classroom Activity

The A very good activity helps pupils to consider their word choices more carefully.  It enables them to see how effective the right word can be. All words are not equal.

Tell your pupils that, in this activity, they can add as many steps to their ladder as they like. Encourage them to graduate from the mildest form of the adjective to the strongest. Explain that the word very is an unnecessary adjective. Ask your pupils to colour the boxes, either with pencils or digitally, to denote the strength of the feeling the word elicits. Tell them that they are free to decide where the stimulus word belongs on the scale. For example:

Paint cards from DIY shops can be useful to help demonstrate this idea effectively!

Dictionary activity

Classroom Activity

Ask your pupils to pick a number for each group. Distribute dictionaries and, in groups, ask your pupils to select an unusual word from that page (you may need some additional rules here!). Write selected words on the board, with each group giving the definition and a sentence using the word they have chosen.

Allow your class to compose a story in groups, using as many of the words as they can. Give each group an opportunity to read their story to the class.