C2k NewsDesk Guidance

C2k NewsDesk and Supporting Guidance

What is C2K NewsDesk?

C2k NewsDesk is a pupil friendly digital resource which provides topical news stories and fun activities. It is available to all pupils and teachers in Northern Ireland with a My-School account (C2k account).

The Junior and main NewsDesk provides teachers and pupils opportunities to:

  • Read and listen to current news stories
  • Explore topic-based articles
  • View ‘News in Pictures’
  • Watch ‘News in Video’
  • Search topical fact files
  • Vote and comment on news articles
  • Read other children’s comments and reports
  • Submit their own report (Key Stage 2)
  • Engage with varied and interesting school and home activities
  • Participate in stimulating discussions
  • Be responsible for their online conduct
  • Access all areas linked to the N.I. Curriculum

How do I use C2kNewsdesk?

The following videos will provide you with:

1. A guide to NewsDesk

2. Suggestions of how to use Junior NewsDesk

3. Teachers using NewsDesk in the classroom

Credit to EATV for use of video: eani.org.uk/services/eatv

4. An ETI inspector’s observations

5. A Guide to using Immersive Reader on NewsDesk

Credit to EATV for use of video: eani.org.uk/services/eatv

How can I access C2kNewsDesk?

You can access NewsDesk via the link My-School.

You need to enter your C2k username and password - pupils are provided with this in school.

C2k NewsDesk icon

Once logged in, select the C2k NewsDesk icon.

C2k NewsDesk icon

For the Irish Medium version click ‘View All’ at the bottom of the apps and then ‘Online Learning’. Click on the Seomra Nuachta C2k icon.

Who can I contact if I need further support?

For more information and training opportunities please contact: David.huntley@eani.org.uk

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