Assessing UICT through STEM Futures

Assessing UICT through STEM Futures

This case study shows how one school chose to use the CCEA STEM Futures as a starting point for developing curriculum and assessment links between collaborating departments. Using the 'Cheese Sensations' resource, the Home Economics teacher recognised that there were opportunities to assess pupils' skills in Using ICT while covering the statutory requirements for Home Economics. Assessment tasks in Using ICT were then developed in Home Economics, Art and Design and English in response to the stimulus of 'Cheese Sensations'.

This case study shows a good example of how careful selection of curriculum material leads to work which satisfies several statutory requirements at once.

Because of the way that the school chose to use the 'Cheese Sensations' material, the pupils were involved in experiences that contributed towards several distinct, but closely interrelated, curricular outcomes:

  • Pupils followed activities which covered relevant and appropriate content in Home Economics, Art and Design, and English;
  • Pupils had experience of ICT approaches appropriate to the contributing departments that was stimulating and moved away from standard 'office'-based applications;
  • Pupils were involved in a connected learning experience that made explicit links across a range of Areas of Learning;
  • Pupils were introduced to the relevance of STEM issues from an enquiry based approach and within areas that might not otherwise have realised their rich contribution to a STEM focus;
  • Pupils worked on contexts planned in terms of assessment activities that resulted in evidence suitable for the assessment of the cross-curricular skill of Using ICT.

Areas of Learning

Home Economics