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Shake Rattle and Roll competition

Published: 20/01/2020, 12:00pm

Our Lady's Grammar School in Newry, winners of the Shake Rattle and Roll 2017 competition, have won a trip to the UK Space Agency courtesy of Newry based Engineering company Resonate Testing.

NI space industry ready for liftoff (BBC News Story)

Published: 20/01/2020, 12:00pm

Northern Ireland's fledgling space industry has taken a small but significant step towards competing in a global marketplace worth billions of pounds.

What teachers are saying

Published: 20/01/2020, 12:00pm

CCEA hosted a ‘How to Build a Rocket!’ event in partnership with Invest NI in January 2014, linking to Unit 5: Composite Technologies and the Aerospace Industry of the Level 2 Space Science Technology Qualification. Here’s what the teachers had to say…

“Thoroughly enjoyed the day, thought it was well run, relaxed and informative. Was impressed at how much support and enthusiasm was shown by InvestNI and engineering industry in general. Our students have already shown an interest in the rockets from the model I made. Am already in discussion with our exams officer about implementing course collaboratively with other subjects.”

“It was an enjoyable day building our rockets and realising how difficult it can be for children following instructions. The thrill of seeing the rocket roar into the sky and trying to follow its path brought me back fifty years to the time I use to make planes etc. The skills involved in making the rocket sold the course for me never mind what else they can achieve.
I would like to try the course next year and am putting it forward to Senior management for their consideration.”

“I have to say that I was amazed how many companies in NI were involved in making hardware for the space industry – the truth is, we thought that we were one of only 2 or 3 in total!!”

“I wanted to mention that my brother-in-law was one of the teachers who participated in the “rocket design” activity that you mentioned as part of the launch of the school course. I believe he described it as, “one of the best teacher training days he has ever been at,”

Following CCEA’s ‘How to build a rocket’ event, we caught up with some of our participants at the Northern Ireland heat of the UK Rocket Challenge 2014. They told us how our event had helped them prepare.

David McCauley – Victoria College
CCEA’s ‘How to build a Rocket Event’ galvanised our teaching team across departments to work towards today’s challenge. It highlighted to us the interdisciplinary nature of this subject and gave us an opportunity, we rarely get, to work together within our teaching faculty. Working towards this event there is now no question amongst girls in Victoria College that they have the ambition and motivation to succeed in engineering.

Peter O’Hagan– St Patrick’s College Armagh
‘How to build a rocket’ provided me with the support as a teacher to prepare our team for this event today. The level of competition these events have inspired has rallied these students in to a strong unit. Aside from sparking excitement and interest in design and manufacturing this teamwork has provided those involved with a support network they would not otherwise have had. This will benefit them across disciplines at GCSE. The industry involvement garnered by CCEA has given them an understanding of delayed gratification which is normally difficult to motivate.