Summer 2021: Following the cancellation of examinations, below you will find information on alternative awarding arrangements for Summer 2021. View Specification and Summer 2021 Subject Guidance.

Summer 2022: A Specification Addendum is in place for the 2021/22 academic year for those candidates completing their course in Summer 2022.

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Speaking Examination

GCSE Speaking pre-release topics from June 2021 (for examination in Summer 2022)

Conversation Topic 1
Extra-curricular activities. (Context 3)

Please note centres may prepare for ‘extra-curricular activities’ only or the entire topic as below:

  • Extra-curricular activities (for example clubs, societies, events, trips and visits)

The pre-release should not be used as part of a mock examination for this cohort, but you can use the examination format to conduct a mock, e.g. Role-plays, Conversation 1 and Conversation 2.