Curriculum Monitoring Programme


Curriculum Monitoring Programme

Note: This report was originally intended for release earlier this year, but was postponed due to the global health emergency. We are now making it available online for your information.

In 2018/19, CCEA initiated a curriculum monitoring programme, designed to allow us to hear the views of teachers and other stakeholders about the curriculum.

The purpose of this first stage of the Curriculum Monitoring Programme was to engage with teachers and principals in relation to curriculum, assessment and qualifications and use the responses to inform CCEA’s future planning and support.

We sought views on:

  • the implementation of the curriculum – the benefits and challenges;
  • progression and continuity across key stage transitions;
  • the effectiveness and relevance of the Cross-Curricular Skills and Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities;
  • assessing progress; and
  • awareness/usefulness of CCEA curriculum support materials and areas to prioritise in the future.

Almost 1,000 teachers provided their feedback. Thank you to those who took part in a range of direct feedback, surveys and focus groups.

We hope to be able to undertake the next phase of research in the 2020/21 academic year and that this will incorporate pupil voice. We will also be seeking detailed feedback on specific areas such as progression from Key Stage 3 to 4.

At a Glance (PDF)

Curriculum Monitoring - At a Glance


The Northern Ireland Curriculum was introduced in 2007 and covers all 12 years of compulsory education. It's a curriculum that focuses on the learning process and learners' needs, as well as their knowledge, understanding and skills.

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Assessment is the cornerstone of good learning and teaching. It can make a vital contribution to improving educational outcomes for all pupils. It’s about collecting, interpreting and using information to give a deeper appreciation of what pupils know and understand, their skills and capabilities, and what their learning experiences enable them to do.

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Parents’ Parliament

We have collaborated with Parentkind throughout the Curriculum Monitoring process and held events across Northern Ireland to ensure that parents' views were captured. The rich feedback and information received is illustrated through the following video:


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